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Where To Find More Cards

Cards by folks I met in the Alley

The Alleyfolk

boosters and a tarot-sized Lenormand designed by fans of the Alleyman Tarot to integrate with it.(TGC)

Cryptica Erratica

sells a variety of tarot boosters alongside his own upcoming deck.(TGC)

Figuratively Speaking

is a complete deck along with several themed boosters.(TGC)

R Thomas Allwin

in addition to comic-book art, he has also designed several sets of tarot boosters. (You'll need to scroll down to the bottom.)

The Ragamancers

the Gooseberry Set is ten cards featuring vintage art.(TGC)

Where To Find Tarot Boosters

Ragamancers also maintain their own list of boosters

The Carpenter's Wife

a selection of tarot cards made with encouragement from the Alley facebook group.(MPC)

Dactyl Cartomancy

tarot and oracle decks and expansions.(MPC)

Quantum Cauldron

offers a magpie booster and a zodiac booster.(MPC)

Magpie Zines

sells zines about tarot cards that come with tarot cards!(Etsy)

Pazzol Decks

Recently kickstarted "Arcanaless" booster deck, still taking preorders for a summer 2022 release.

Get yourself a whole bunch of cards

Hester's Occult

an ebay shop that sells mixed packs of cards as well as vintage decks.

Cassie Lou's Distractions

among other things, sells lots of mixed tarot cards.(Etsy)

Pika's Crafty Destash

among other things, sells lots of mixed tarot cards and complete magpie decks.(Etsy)

Get just a few cards

Ink Witch Extension

ten additional cards designed for the Ink Witch Tarot.(Etsy)

Marigold Tarot Random Reading

a three card reading mailed to you from the Marigold Tarot.(Etsy)

Superlunaris Alternative Empress & Emperor

Two gorgeous cards as described.(Etsy)

Bitchy Witch Expansion

this oracle deck expansion has some great attitude to bring to a deck.(Etsy)

Single Tarot Cards

a shop selling individual cards from multiple decks.

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