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Who are you?

Hey there! I’m Jack Clayton, a freelance writer, fictional reconstructionist, occultist, and chaos consultant. I write about my adventures in magic, paganism, homemaking, identity and learning new things.

Inspired by my magical interests, I got my B.A. in Religious Studies. I’ve worked in finance, education, bookselling and banking, but through everything, my passion remained in spotting patterns, making connections, and helping people find the guidance they needed.

Everything I do, I do with an eye to bringing order out of chaos and appreciating patterns.

I got my start as a pagan and a magician in chaos magic, which is all about using whatever systems of magic or belief are going to work best in the current situation. While I no longer call myself a chaos magician, I remain a big fan of bringing order through the appreciation of chaos.

Cosmology & Metaphysics

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What is this? A digital garden?

Why am I hyperfocused on the whole digital gardens idea? I think it's because I've always been really taken with the external brain/commonplace book idea and this is one of the more recent (and more interesting) versions of it I've seen.

I particularly like that the digital garden is recommended to be public. I'm a little torn about it, because my digital iterations (first evernote, now notion) allow me to save entire webpages for reference, and I probably should avoid that that on a public site. On the other hand, there's something to be said for having to thoughtfully quote, digest and rewrite ideas on my own site instead. It’s very akin to a zettelkasten system in that respect.

That's what I do in my analog storage, after all, why shouldn't I be doing it digitally as well?

I've played with tiddlywiki and Obsidian but for now I'm still using Notion, mostly because my spouse uses it too and the collaboration is important to me.

Garden Inspiration

About Digital Gardening

What is a fictional reconstructionist?

Looking at, say, LotR or Dr Who and wondering what those religions looked like. How would it work? Who would you call on? The way you come to understand a religion like that is a framework on which you hang your own understandings and preferences in a religion.

In building a relationship between yourself and a “fictional” deity, you’re reaching out to the Powers and saying ‘this is what my life is missing; does it exist?’ and preparing to accept the answers. Much of the time, for me, this is using writing to reach out to powers and invite them into my life.

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